All three bones of the hemi-pelvis (the ischium, ilium, and pubis) converge to form the acetabulum, the cup-shaped hip joint socket. The acetabulum receives the femoral head of the femur to form the hip joint.

The rim of the acetabulum is incomplete at its inferior margin, creating the acetabular notch. The transverse acetabular ligament traverses this notch. The acetabular labrum surounds the circumfrence of the acetabulum and is made up of fibrocartilage.

The femoral head contacts only along it horseshoe-shaped lunate surface, which is covered with hyaline cartilage, thickest along the superior-anterior region of its dome (Kurrat JH, 1978). The acetabular fossa is the depression located withing the floor of the acetabulum and contains fat, synovial membrane, and blood vessels.

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