Cervical Pain


  • It is estimated that 22% to 70% of the population will have neck pain some time in their lives (Bovim et al 1994; Brattberg 1989; Cote 2000,1998; Elnaggar et al 1991; Linton et al 2000; Palmer et al 2001)
  • It has been suggested that the incidence of neck pain is increasing (Nygren et al 1995; Wright 1999)
  • At any one time, 10-20% of the population reports neck pain (van der Donk et al 1991; Holmstrom et al 1992; Cote 2004; Bovim 1994) with 54% having experienced neck pain within the last six months (Cote et al 2000)
  • Prevalence of neck pain increases with age and is most common in women around the fifth decade of life (Andersson 1994; Bovim et al 1994; Croft et al 2001; Makela et al 1991; Takala 1994)
  • Five percent of the adult population with neck pain will be disabled (Bovim et al 1994; Jacobsson et al 1989)
  • Neck pain is second to low back pain in annual workers' compensation costs in the U.S. (Wright et al 1999)
  • Patients with neck pain make up approximately 25% of patients receiving outpatient physical therapy (Jette et al 1994)
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