Clinical Prediction Rule For Diagnosing Hip Osteoarthritis

A preliminary clinical prediction rule for diagnosing hip osteoarthritis was recently developed (Sutlive et al 2008)

5 Variables

  1. Self-reported squatting as an aggravating factor
  2. Active hip flexion causing lateral hip pain
  3. Scour test with adduction causing lateral hip or groin pain
  4. Active hip extension causing pain
  5. Passive IR of less than or equal to 25 degrees

If all 5 variable present:

  • Sn=.14, Sp=.98, +LR 7.3, -LR .87, Post-test probability of hip OA 75

If 4 out of 5 variables present:

  • Sn=.48, Sp=.98, +LR 24.3, -LR .53, PTP 91

If 3 out of 5 variables present:

  • Sn=.71, Sp=.86, +LR 5.2, -LR .33, PTP 68
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