Flexion Abduction External Rotation Test (Faber Or Patrick's Test)

Indication: To test for the presence of hip pathology

Procedure: Patient is supine. The ipsilateral foot is put on the contralateral thigh just above the knee in a "figure 4" position. As one hand stabilizes the pelvis on the contralateral side, the other provides an external rotation and posteriorly directed force to the ipsilateral knee

What constitutes a positive test finding: The test is positive if the patient reports reproduction of hip pain during the maneuver (Mitchell et al 2003) or if there is restriction in range of motion (Theiler et al 1996)


  • ICC=0.66-0.96 (Theiler et al 1996; Cliborne et al 2004)
  • kappa= 0.63 (Martin 2008)


  • Sensitivity=0.89 (identification of hip pathology by arthroscopy) (Mitchell et al 2003)

Other Evidence

  • Correlation of positive test with OA on radiographs: r=0.54 (Theiler et al 1996)
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