Hamstring Syndrome


Hamstring syndrome is when the sciatic nerve becomes entrapped as in courses around the ischial tuberosity and through a fibrous band projecting form the biceps femoris as it iserts upon the tuberosity.


  • Frequently preceeded by episodic hamstring injury or a history of low back pain of surgery
  • Associated with active individuals and seen frequently in distance runners, power sprinters, and jumping athletes


  • Pain localized to the ischial tuberosity, beginning gradually and worsening with activity
  • The patient has increased pain with sitting
  • Pain with restisted knee flexion with the hip flexed to 90 degrees and the knee extended to the limit
  • Resisted knee flexion with the hip extended (in prone) is pain free
  • Palpation over the lateral ischial tuberosity with be painful


  • Avoid stretching hamstrings as this usually worsens the patient's symptoms
  • Neural mobilizations that are distal initiated (Sizer 2006)
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