Hip Pointer


  • A hip pointer is a contusion of the lateral hip, usually on the iliac crest
  • The TFL occassionally presents with a hematoma
  • The injury may also involve tearing of the external oblique at its iliac insertion, periositis of the iliac crest, or a contusion of the greater trochanter
  • Most often occurs in contact sports

Clinical Presentation

  • Extreme pain usually
  • The trunk may flex and bend towards the injured side
  • There may be abrasion of swelling over the iliac crest
  • Bruising becomes apparent immediately or within a few days
  • Pain is produced by movement of any muscle that attaches to the iliac crest at the injured area
  • Radiographs rule out iliac crest fracture or displaced epiphyseal fracture in athletes who have not reached skeletal maturity


  • Rest and ice
  • Crutches if the patient is painful with ambulation
  • Gradual introduction of ROM and stretching of the surrounding joints
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