McMurray Test

Test procedure: The examiner brings leg from extension into 90 degrees of flexion while the foot is held first in internal rotation, then in external rotation

What constitutes a positive test: A palpable "thud" or provocation of pain


Evans et al 38:
Medial thud: Sens/Spec/+LR/-LR: .16/.98/8.0/.86
Pain: Sens/Spec/+LR/-LR: .5/.94/.8.33/.53
Fowler and Lubliner 39: Sens/Spec/+LR/-LR: .95/NR/NA/NA
Boeree and Ackroyd 33:
Medial Meniscus: Sens/Spec/+LR/-LR: .29/.25/.39/2.84
Lateral Meniscus: Sens/Spec/+LR/-LR: .25/.90/2.5/.83

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