Medial Collateral Ligament MCL

Posterior aspects of the medial femoral condyle to just below the pes anserine on the tibia
The MCL has superficial and deep portions. The superficial portion is also considered the part of the middle layer of the medial compartment. The deep portion is separatd from the superficial portion by a bursa. This deep portion further divides into the meniscofemoral and meniscotibial ligaments. The deep layer provides meniscal stability. The semimembranosus and vastus medialis also attach to the MCL. The MCL has very rich blood supply and has an excellent capacity for healing after an injury (Frank et al Osteoarthritis Cartilage 7:130 1999)

Primary restrains agains valgus forces at the knee. At 5 degrees the MCL provides 57% of the resistance to valgus stress but contributes 78% at 25 degrees knee flexion (Grood et al JBJS Am 63:1257 1981).

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