Modified Oswestry Disability Questionnaire (Fritz et al 2001)

Indications: To assess current level of disability and to make clinical decisions regarding effectiveness of treatment in patients with LBP.

Items: 10

Scoring: Each item is scored from 0-5, higher values representing greater disability. The total score is multiplied by 2 and expressed as a percentage.

Score Range: 0-100 (0=No disability)

Reliability: ICC=.90 (95% CI=.78-.96)

Responsiveness: AUC (area under the ROC curve) =0.94 (standard error=0.027), GRI (Guyatt’s Respnsiveness Index) =3.49 (95% CI=2.14-4.84). Pearson correlation between the change score the modified OSW and the mean global rating was .78. The correlation between the change scores of the modified OSW and Quebec Disability index was .82

Statistically Meaningful Change: SEM =5.40(95% CI=4.35-7.22). MDC=12.68;

Minimum Clinically Important Difference: MCID=6 points [sensitivity=91%(95% CI=82%-99%), specificity=83%(95%CI=67%-98%)

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