PCL Deficiency Tear

Most patients with tears of the PCL will undergo conservative non-operative treatment first. This is due to the high success of non-operative treatment for this type of injury. Shelbourne et al (Am J Knee Surg 12:209 1999) reported that 50% returned to the same level of sport participation and 33% returned to a lower level after injury. Patients that demonstrate equal quadriceps strength bilaterally fare the best (Shelbourne et al Am J Sports Med 27:276 1999) and those who displayed 91% of isometric quadriceps strength compared to the contralateral side demonstrate superior subjective outcomes (Shelbourne et al Am J Knee Surg 12:209 1999).

Indications for Surgery
The patient may elect to have reconstructive surgery when there is concomitant injury to the meniscus, capsule, and other ligaments (i.e. the ACL or collaterals). Success with non-operative treatment becomes very low with additional tissue involvement (Shelbourne et al Clin sports Med 13:531 1994).

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